Find Your Way

Find your focus, identify your goals and stay motivated with the guidance of a compassionate coach for your personal or business life.

Get Unstuck

We provide a practical process to help you overcome the obstacles in your life. Our solution-focused strategies take you from functional to optimal performance.

Find Balance

Learn to see through the clutter and bring clarity to your life.Become more agile one step at a time.

Have It All

Align your life’s passions with your life’s goals through realistic, actionable steps and the motivation to help you succeed.

Be Your Best

Learn to use what you already have within you to operate at your full potential.

Take The Lead

Find the energy you need to meet complex leadership challenges.

What We Do

Coastal Virginia Consulting provides Business and Life Coaching to help you determine your focus, identify your goals and stay motivated.  With the guidance of a compassionate coach for your personal or business life, we can help you FIND YOUR WAY.

What is Business and Life Coaching?

Business and Life Coaching is a partnership that provides structure, motivation and accountability to help you achieve your optimal level of functioning. Whether it is defining, setting or tracking goals, a coach is there to help you with each step—keeping you on track, providing constructive and objective feedback, and giving you the confidence to make things happen. From personal growth to interpersonal relationships, business and career, to health and wellness, Coastal Virginia Consulting can help you unlock the energy you need to do more and be more.

Who is Coastal Virginia Consulting?

IMG_3651-large-WEBTalya Gershon is a Certified Professional Coach and behavioral health consultant who is passionate about helping clients unlock their true potential. Talya does this through a balanced, intentional and holistic approach to the process of personal growth. Clients maximize their functioning as they learn to capitalize on their strengths and overcome obstacles in their way. Talya coaches her clients through the steps that are necessary for success—brainstorming, focusing, goal-setting and task management.

With an educational background in the behavioral sciences, Talya’s expertise has been battle-tested in her work with community organizations, the Department of Defense and her direct work with military service members and their families. Taking the deep knowledge gained from these experiences, Talya works to discover the best path forward for each unique client.


Talya’s Education

Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
Advanced training in Life Coaching and Behavioral Health Modalities
Post Graduate Training in Family Counseling, New York University Medical Center
M.S.W. Columbia University School of Social Work. B.A., Religious Studies and Psychology, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.


Coaching can be utilized in many facets of your life.
Coastal Virginia Consulting has the expertise and experience to help you in any of the following areas.

Leadership Excellence

Learn to catalyze the energy of those around you and inspire motivation in your team rather than having to demand it. You will learn to meet the challenges, doubts, and frustrations that come along with being a leader. At Coastal Virginia Consulting we teach you the skills of Core Energy Leadership where you learn to develop your vision and leadership style honing your best attributes to guide your team to success.


Love & Relationships

Become an expert in this area of your life. Learn to master the keys to healthy relationships, developing your skills in communication, listening skills and authentic interaction. Whether it’s family, friends, work or your love life, how you relate to those around you affects your life, your mood and your shifting energy on a day-to-day basis.

Coastal Virginia Consulting offers a tailor-made approach, not broad advice. In one-to-one coaching sessions we can focus on your individual situation and needs and help you move forward and increase your level of satisfaction in your relationships and daily interactions.


Personal Growth & Progress

Sometimes we need coaching that focuses entirely on the self, assessing and evaluating your current strengths and weaknesses, and identifying your goals and your personal challenges. At Coastal Virginia Consulting your coach will help you develop a personal plan for success with specific strategies and steps to move you forward toward your personal best. Your coach provides feedback and encouragement while you push yourself to find your passion, and pursue your growth on an ongoing basis.

With Coastal Virginia Consulting, you will be given the opportunity to assess how you are getting on in life—whether you are happy, whether you are reaching your goals, how your state of mind is affecting your day-to-day life and so on. After establishing where you are in relation to your needs and goals, we will be able to help you devise ways to improve these aspects of your life.


Life Transitions & Career Changes

Change can be a time of stress and also a time of opportunity. Life transitions come in many forms. Some are wanted and others are thrust upon us. Whether it involves marriage, divorce, having children, launching children, career changes, or retirement, a life-coach can help you navigate these transitions and embrace the fact that the only constant in your life is change. Coaching can help you to become agile, flexible and strong as you work through your life’s transitions discovering new possibilities as you evolve and grow.

Is it time for a career change? It can be frustrating when you want to make a change but don’t know what to do to get started. Coastal Virginia Consulting can help you take that first step by helping you create a vision for a new chapter in your life and then laying out the steps to get there.


Health & Wellness

Are you operating at your full potential? Feeling your best, nurturing your mind and body, exercising and keeping yourself healthy can be a challenge with a hectic and busy life. If you are having trouble finding the time or motivation to stay physically active or even eat healthy, then perhaps a coach to help you stay on track is exactly what you need. A coach can set goals tailored just for you and make a plan on how to achieve them. A coach can keep you accountable and keep you focused on your goals through your entire journey towards a healthier you.


What People Are Saying

"I have been working with Talya for just over 14 months. Initially what brought me to her office was more for positive feedback, strategic planning and tools to help me move out of a ‘rut’ in my life.  With Talya’s guidance, wisdom, and her vast experiences she nurtured and cultivated my truly broken spirit and brought me alive again. I am excited about the present moment and even more excited about the future. Thank you Talya!"


"Talya and I started our work together when she was the mental health therapist for a Navy Special Operations Group in Norfolk, VA.  I experienced the worst heart break of my life, having my dream job taken away from me.  She helped me develop a winning mindset and plan for getting out of this very dark place and back on my path to my life’s work. I especially love her ability to lead me to my own…"


"Talya has been great. She helped give me the tools I needed to listen better in business and understand the feelings others were trying to convey. My wife and I needed to learn how to be partners in business (not just in life), and after nearly 15 years of marriage, it turned out we didn't just magically work as perfect business partners. 🙂 Talya's wide range of experience and ability to get to the heart of how…"


"[Talya] was exactly who I needed to help me out of the deep, dark hole I so badly wanted out of. The lack of judgment and caring personality when talking with her has made it easy to be open and honest.  She has this incredible ability to make you feel like you are her only client and always gives you 200% of her time and attention.  She has helped me deal with my illness, my family, and…"


"I've been working with Talya for 9 months now and she has helped me tremendously with getting used to being uncomfortable as I stretch my comfort zone in ways I've never done before. As a result, I've experienced amazing growth. Her intuition is spot on. The no-judgement, safe environment she creates enables great conversation that leads to discovery and growth. Her acceptance of others and genuine passion for helping people is unparalleled."



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